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        FEM News

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          The 2021 International Workshop on Statistical Theory and Related Fields (STARF 2021) was held during December 11th and 12th, which aims to provide participants with a platform for academic exchange on modern statistical theory, methods and applications. STARF 2021 is hosted by East China Normal University, co-organized by the editorial board of Statistical Theory and Related Fieldsand the Big Data Branch of the China Field Statistics Research Association, the School of Statistics of East China
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          On November 6, 2021, the 2021 Frontiers of Applied Economics Forum: Focus on Institutional Reform and Rural Development under Common Prosperity was held in the North Zhongshan Road Campus of East China Normal University. The conference was organized by the Large Macro Research Team of the FEM and organized by the FEM and ECNU. The format was mixed online and offline. More than 30 teachers and students from Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Renmin University of China, Jinan University, Shang
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          Empowering economic and social development with digitization has become the general task of Chinas 14th Five-Year Plan and even longer periods. At the special moment of the 70th anniversary of ECNU, Shanghai Asia Business Development Group Co., Ltd. and alumni Chen Qiwei donated 10 million yuan to establish the Fintech Research and Development Fund to help the school’s interdisciplinary joint research and collaborative innovation in the field of financial technology, promoting the high-quality d

        Focus & Media

        • Recently, a paper by Ying Chao, a PhD student in the School of Statistics, Faculty of Economics and Management, was published online in Biometrika, a top journal for statistics. The paper is titled “Frechet Sufficient Dimension Reduction for Random Objects.” The first author is Ying Chao, and the corresponding author is Prof. Yu Zhou.The paper proposes a novel adequate dimensionality reduction method, Weighted Inverse Regression Ensemble (WIRE). This method solves for the first time the dimensio
        • Statistical Theory and Related Fields(STARF), sponsored by ECNU, was recently granted a CN number by the NationalPress and Publication Administration and obtained a publishing license issued by Shanghai Press and Publication Administration.The international edition of STARF was founded in 2017 and has published 9 issues with a total of 135 articles. It has received extensive attention among the international community and achieved some significant progress.STARF is the first English journal of p
        • Huawei is the consumer brand which best represents China, according to a brand strength ranking released over the weekend byEast China Normal University’s Institute for National Branding Strategy.The Daxia Brand Strength Ranking of the Top Nation Champions was released at the 2020 Forum of Branding Science and Applications and International Symposium of Global Branding Strategy.The ranking focused on 40 top Chinese brands and their strength in representing China according to consumers’ opinions,
        • For high school seniors with an interest in more than one field of study, newly launched dual degree programs at universities in Shanghai could be the ideal solution.In June, the Shanghai Academic Degrees Committee announced the first batch of 24 dual bachelors degree programs at seven universities in the city.A total of seven projects, including one that integrates the major of naval architecture and ocean engineering with math and applied math, are from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Four prog
        • My undergraduate years at ECNU have passed swiftly, but I have keenly felt the loving care of the Faculty and the School. My teachers have been paragons of virtue and learning. They have been practical and creative. Their rigorous scholarship, deep passion for scholarly research, and tireless zeal in teaching have taught me what attitude I should adopt and motivated me to keep forging ahead.
        • The FEM has left me a lot of delightful memories over the past four years. We were allowed to take whatever electives we liked, so I was able to take courses that really interested me, and also meet new friends who shared those interests. I’m grateful to my teachers at the FEM for their helpful guidance and loving care. They have made my undergraduate days upbeat and meaningful.
        • I would like to express deep appreciation to the FEM for serving as a big platform for us to reach out to the world, to my teachers for their guidance, support, and help over the past four years, and to my school for the loving care that has driven us to pursue and realize our dreams.
        • My experience at AEBS has been very great so far. The courses provide good knowledge and insights in the fields of management and digital marketing, and professors often share their experiences to give students not only the basics of the theory, but tangible facts, that enrich lectures and help students understand the implications and applications of the theory in real life situations. I can say that I am happy with the choice I made and positive that, at the end of this experience, I will gain